Handcrafted Hot Tubs

The Hot Tub Outlet provides some of the highest quality hot tubs imported from America.

Below you can find a step by step guide on how these magnificent hot tubs are made.

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Step 1

A piece of Lucite acrylic is heated in the oven and laid out over the spa mold. The sheet is pulled into the mould by a vacuum system and allowed to cool.

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Step 2

A thick layer of fibreglass is sprayed onto the upturned shell.

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Step 3

The fibre glass is rolled out to add strength to the shell.

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Step 4

The shell receives several coats of ester resin and cement before a thick layer of foam is added.

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Step 5

All the jet holes are drilled out.

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Step 6

Jets are fitted to the tub.

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Step 7

Plumbing up the shell takes place.

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Step 8

A frame is manufactured in the carpentry shop.

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Step 9

All electrical equipment is fitted and tested.

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Step 10

The tub takes shape. The frame and ABS plastic base are fitted and the tub is water tested.

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Step 11

The cabinet panels are manufactured for the tub.

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Step 12

The cabinet is fitted by hand.

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Step 13

The tub is wrapped up with foam and heavy duty plastic.

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Step 14

Here is the finished hot tub ready to go.