Hot tub features – Hot tubs available for hire from the Hot Tub Outlet, covering Manchester, Liverpool, Bolton, Preston and more areas in the North West. Contact us today to discuss any requirements you may have.

Listed below are some of the features and benefits of our hot tubs that either match, or more than likely, surpass our competitors products. Please feel free to compare with other brands…

Anti Float™ lounge seatAllows for the centre of gravity to be lowered so that bathers can stay in the lounge seat easier.
Controllable by Smartphone via wifiControl and programming of the tub by Smartphone. #1
Lucite Acrylic shell with Carbon Fibre reinforcement and MicrobanUnique to Spa Crest, the latest technology of carbon fibre adding strength to the shell giving longevity to the structure.

Microban assists the sanitizer in preventing any bacterial build-up on the spa surface.

Underwater mood surround multipoint premium LED LightingSet above and below the waterline – giving a generous helping of relaxing light to enhance your experience.
2 x 50 sq. ft filtration & 24 hr energy saving Circulation pump (on Vision)100% of the water is Micro cleansed through constant filtration, leaving crystal clear water to enjoy your relaxation.
Multi-programmable filtration system (Spa Crest & Coastal)Allows for economical & efficient filtration at the touch of a button
Premium Hi insulation, Hi density tapered coverWith full length hinge pad locking-in heat and aluminium reinforcement to add strength.
The highest quality Reflectotherm insulationDouble thickness : giving more insulation value than 3″ of polysterene with
the best insulation values of hot tubs imported into the UK.

*Independant third party studies have shown that barrier insulation such as Reflectotherm, meet or surpass those of ‘full foam’ insulation.

The thickest, fully sealed, Reflectotherm insulated ABS base in the industryStrategically placed vaccum formed ridges, equipment plinths and supports for additional strength and durability.
Ozone purification system on every tubTo kill bacteria and other organics in the water and reduce the amount of sanitiser required.
Maintenance free CPI Resin cabinets in choice of 3 colours Looks like natural wood, but wipe down to clean and strong enough to anchor a cover lift onto.
The latest technology Hi quality Bluetooth, Smartphone ready stereo
system,complete with FM radio with
active Sub woofer, 4 transducers fitted to the shell
Waterproof remote, controlling the stereo & your Smartphone (when connected via bluetooth). No potential water damage to above-water speakers to worry about.

#1 Standard on Vision Range; optional on Spa Crest & Coastal