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Hot Tub Re-Opening

The Hot Tub Outlet often re-open hot tubs at the start of spring or even autumn, it all depends on the customer’s seasonal preferences.

If we were the ones to close-down your hot tub, then we already may have booked in a standard re-opening in which one of our specialist professionals will refill your hot tub with everything having been checked again.

If The Hot Tub Outlet did not perform your close-down, then we will still re-open your hot tub. However, within the checks, we may need add additional costs.

Spring opening – £175 inc VAT

  1. Clean and soak filter elements
  2. Full plumbing inspection for leaks, all pipe work and glued joints are checked (where visible on fully foamed tubs)
  3. Check heater and circulation pumps are clear of scale
  4. Tighten all unions and inspect, replace if necessary at an additional cost
  5. Spa re filled with fresh water
  6. Spa started and all pumps primed of air
  7. Treat and balance water with customer’s own chemicals and sanitiser
  8. Service report

If you would like more advice on our re-opening service or for a price, then get in touch with us today.

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