Hot Tub Winterising

Hot Tubs often need to be ‘winterised’ if you choose not to use them over the winter period as this will prevent ice damage to the equipment within the hot tub. If overnight there is a hard frost and water has just been let out, there can often be thousands worth of pounds in damage to the equipment.

The Hot Tub Outlet is able to save you the hassle of having to do this yourself, but also save you money from having to get your hot tub repaired after damage from ice frosting over. Our specialist engineers can work efficiently and quickly to be able to prepare and protect your hot tub from the cold winter months.

Cost – £175 including VAT

Our engineer will:

  • Complete system flush
  • Clean and soak filter elements
  • Empty the water
  • Drain water from all fittings using a wet and dry vacuum
  • Deep cleanse and rinse of hot tub shell
  • Shrink wrap top of spa (if requested)
  • Service report
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