Tuf Spas Innovation

Hard TopsOpening-Cover

The toughest on the market just got tougher! This new and brilliant cover design, unique to Tuff Spas, holds over 300lbs (136kg) in weight and never needs to be replaced, saving you hundreds of Pounds in replacement cover costs in the years ahead! The cover makes your Tuff Spa even more energy efficient and has the same Lifetime Warranty as the shell of the spa! NB: Only available as an option on the TT150, TT250, and TT650.

  •     Never Buy Another Cover
  •     Cover turns into a shelf/bar
  •     Holds Over 300lbs. (136kg) of weight
  •     No Maintenance
  •     Can Be Taken On And Off By One Person
  •     Energy Efficient
  •     No More Rotting, Smelling, or Sagging Covers.

Coloured Stone

Finally a coloured stone panel on a spa with a realistic finish! Our NEW coloured stone offers a multicolour stack stone panel that will enhance and complement any patio or garden. The coloured stack stone is available as an option on TT150, TT250, TS350, and TT650 models, please ask us for details.

Side Access Panels

All models come equipped with two large removable access panels on all four sides which allows for easy access to the spa’s equipment, including the pump, heater, plumbing, jets, control panel, electrical hook-up, light and drain. This makes maintenance and repairs on the spa simple and easy. This is critical should the plumbing or jets require any maintenance at some point in the future. This feature is also unique to Tuff Spas and not offered with any other one-piece polymer spa on the market today!

Built-in Stepsinnovation_builtin_steps

The TS550 offers a completely unique, industry-changing free-form design, and is the only spa on the market offering built-in steps for easy access in and out of the spa. Tuff Spas truly is revolutionising the hot tub industry! NB: The TS550 is made to order only, so please allow a 12 week lead time.

Solid One-Piece Bottom

Tuff Spas feature a solid one-piece bottom, which allows you to place your spa on ANY flat, level and non-shifting surface without the need of having a dedicated concrete pad poured for the spa. Please ask for a copy of our installation instructions for more information on site preparation and delivery.

Hassle-free Filtration

Tuff Spas come with a simple to use filtration system that allows the filter cartridge to be removed for cleaning without having to remove difficult weir doors or squeeze them out of tight and cumbersome places. Not only are surface particles removed, but the array of intake holes in the filter cover ensure that particles deep in the water are filtered out as well.

LED Lighting

A multi-coloured LED light is included with all Tuff Spa models to enhance the water’s appearance and create a soothing ambience for a more enjoyable spa experience. There are multiple colour options so you can influence your mood with your lighting.

Balboa Control Pack

All Tuff Spas come with advanced control systems from Balboa. The controls combine reliability with simple operation. It includes a top-side control to access the spa’s functions, and an easy to read digital temperature display. It is programmed to automatically turn the pump off after 15 minutes of high-speed operation, for safety, and it is also programmed to provide freeze protection in cold climates.

Digital Topside Controls

Tuff Spas come with easy to use and reliable digital topside controls. The controller is conveniently located on the top lip of the spa for easy bather access. You can control the jets, temperature, lights and filtration times from this convenient topside, and the temperature is clearly displayed in an LED window.


Built for the planet, built for a lifetime!

  •     All waste and trim pieces are recycled and reused.
  •     Lifetime warranty on a shell that will not end up in a landfill.
  •     No volatile organic compounds like those used in other spas.
  •     No Resin blown in manufacturing like that used in other spas.
  •     One piece, heat-retaining shell that traps heat in and reduces electrical consumption.
  •     Hard-top cover that seals with a gasket and groove, preventing heat loss and improving energy efficiency (TT model spas only).
  •     Two speed pumps that filter and heat on low speed drawing minimal electricity.
  •     Made using natural gas, the cleanest burning fuel.
  •     Shell material is recyclable.
  •     No Fibreglass blown, as there is with other spas.
  •     No Urethane blown, as there is with other spas.
  •     Fewer emissions in the manufacturing process than other spas