3 person hot tub

Why Tuff Spas

Why are Tuff Spas the Best Roto-Moulded Spa on the Market? 

Tuff Spas are packed with the best, most innovative benefits of any roto-moulded spa available. Many of our features are unique to Tuff Spas. Tuff Spas are designed to be incredibly durable and perform in the harshest of conditions, from the relentless blistering heat of the deserts of Arizona and Nevada, to the punishing sub-zero arctic wastes of Alaska. Tuff Spas hot tubs are therefore extremely able to deal with the worse that British Mother Nature can throw at them!

SOLID BOTTOM – Keeps rodents out and heat in.

LARGE SIDE ACCESS PANELS – For easy access to all plumbing and equipment.

REMOVABLE R-22 INSULATION – Made from recycled denim, for easy access and even lower running costs.

MULTI-LEVEL SEATING – To suit all bather types and preferences.

ENVIRONMENTALLY INNOVATIVE – For high energy efficiency and less of an impact on our planet.

TUFF TOP COVER – Unique, immensely strong, highly insulating, never needs replacing. Available as an option on the TT150, TT250, and TT650.

VARIED JET ARRAYS – For relaxing and soothing hydrotherapy performance.

LIFETIME SHELL WARRANTY – For the ultimate purchaser peace of mind.

EXPERT LOCAL SERVICE – The Hot Tub Outlet are here on your doorstep to give you the best in personalised local service throughout your whole spa ownership experience